Sunday, March 1, 2015

Boarding Challenges

Living aboard in the winter has produced many challenges--the most serious of which is boarding the boat safely.

The water surrounding Sea Gem is colder than ever before:

Side Yard
Sea Gem floats high above the water, and to board the boat, you must first climb a (small) staircase, then step aboard. Boarding, especially with a child in tow, has always been a challenge--one which we take very seriously. Boarding Sea Gem in icy conditions, however, is a whole new ballgame.

Currently, the finger pier leading to Sea Gem is lopsided because the water on one side of the pier is completely frozen. Due to the angle at which the finger pier now rests, the staircase is now actually pulling away from the boat, which means that "stepping" aboard can longer can be done in one swift, graceful step--it now requires a leap. 

Leap of Faith
Leaping over ice-filled water from an ice-covered staircase onto a (sloped) ice-covered deck is not exactly safe. Doing this while holding a squirming toddler is, of course, terrifying. 

There isn't a whole lot of room for error. As you can see, the staircase is just inches away from the water... misstep and we'd land here:

Thin Ice
...or fall between the finger pier and our boat...

The Gap
... resulting in head injuries and other bodily harm, before surely drowning to death in the freezing water of the marina.

Neither which is a plunge we hope to take.

Thankfully, the boarding situation has been remedied. More on that later...


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