Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Our marina is turning into a frozen tundra! The water is literally freezing...er, frozen:

Frozen Water
Winter has not been kind to all aboard:

Frozen Woolly Pockets
My precious boat plants and their Woolly Pocket containers have, sadly, succumbed to the intolerable conditions of the northeast. (And yes, there are two Woolly Pockets and "plants" pictured above. See that stick poking through the snow? That twig used to be this beautiful plant.) Despite my boat plants' past displays of heartiness, I am 100% confident they will not be making a miraculous recovery this time around (I probably should not have left them to the elements... ah, hindsight...).

It isn't all death and despair though. The cold, icy conditions are as beautiful as they are dangerous:

Thin Ice
Freezing Lines
Chilly Morning
Crazed Ice
While it has been surreal to watch the marina slowly solidify, the novelty of winter has certainly grown old. It is torturous to see our once-favorite, sun-filled spots laying dormant under a blanket of snow and ice:

Springtime, where are you? 

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