Thursday, January 8, 2015

Gaining Traction

Shortly before winter set in, I was presented with this:

Technically, I was presented with two. Ta-da:

Although they look like something one might find cupping Madonna's breasts, they are actually accessories designed for the feet--portable ice cleats to be exact. They fit snugly over the bottom of your shoes, like so:

Gaining Traction
Yesterday, when I poked my head out of the hatch and saw this welcoming sight...

Winter Wonderland
I decided the time was right to sling on my cleats.

I strapped them on, stepped onto the deck, and... immediately slipped, nearly plunging into the icy cold water below the boat. And, as an added negative bonus (in addition to the near-death experience), I also marked up the deck (don't worry, not permanently):

Not Non-Marking
I was not impressed. Despite looking like something from the future, these cleats seemed to function like something from the distant past (i.e., they didn't seem to work very well at all).

Then, with the cleats still attached, I stepped off the boat and onto the dock. Much to my surprise, the cleats grabbed hold of the wooden dock, which made my walk down the snow-covered pier feel safe and secure. Apparently, it is our boat's ice-encrusted deck that is the problem (who knew?). I'm sure these little gadgets will come in handy when walking around the city (or parading around in private à la Madonna), but I'll be forgoing them while walking on deck (which I am avoiding at all costs anyway).