Thursday, November 27, 2014

First Snow

Yesterday morning, I awoke to a grey sky and rain, and by late morning, the cold rain had turned to snow.

View from Hatch: Morning and Afternoon
Snow is not new to me; however, I really only enjoy it when I'm skiing down a mountain and, at the bottom of that mountain, there is a ski resort with hot cocoa on tap. I will admit, however, it was nice to experience a first snow after a 4-year hiatus.

Seeing Sea Gem and our pier covered in dusting of snow was a bit surreal...

First Snow was witnessing the aft cockpit fill with snowflakes...

Aft Cockpit
...and a pile of snow (albeit a small one) accumulate outside the front door:

The snow made for a slippery boarding experience, which as you can see, is problematic--one misstep and we'd be in the ocean.
Front Porch 
Don't worry though--plans are already underway to make sure future snowy days don't pose any problems (more on that later).

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