Friday, November 28, 2014

A Wet Winter

We expected that moving Sea Gem from the tropics to the tundra would involve some growing pains.  We were certainly concerned about the cold weather, and ours fears have so far proven to be well founded.  Oddly enough, though, the problem with the cold has not been the temperature--Sea Gem has thus far been surprisingly easy to keep toasty warm.  Rather, the problem with the cold has been the wet. 

On our first cold, rainy day of the season, we noticed puddles of water forming underneath our hatches.  Our hatches had never leaked before...why would they all start leaking now?  I thought that perhaps the gaskets had shrunk in the cold, and so I tightened the latches.  My solution was a failure, and the water just kept coming. 

We soon discovered that our hatches were not leaking, but that the moist air inside the boat was condensing (at a frightening speed) on the cold metal frames of the hatches (much like a cold can of soda) and then dripping onto the floor.  We soon discovered the same problem with our metal ports, which caused water to slowly drip down the sides of the hull.  In certain places, water even condenses on the sides of the hull itself, which we discovered when we opened our closet to find that all of our clothes were soaking wet--condensation and wicking. 

After discussing the problem with our neighbors, who have lived on their boat the past three winters, we were provided with a solution (or at least a partial one): shrink-wrap the inside of all of the ports and hatches. 

Door to Aft Cockpit
Although the shrink wrap doesn't provide much insulation, by providing an air-tight barrier between the hatch and the warm, moist air inside the boat, there is no moisture available to condense on the cold frames. 

Covered Hatch
After spending several hours with a roll of double-sided tape, plastic wrap, and a hair dryer, our ports and hatches are finally free of condensation.  The closet, though, is another matter... 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

First Snow

Yesterday morning, I awoke to a grey sky and rain, and by late morning, the cold rain had turned to snow.

View from Hatch: Morning and Afternoon
Snow is not new to me; however, I really only enjoy it when I'm skiing down a mountain and, at the bottom of that mountain, there is a ski resort with hot cocoa on tap. I will admit, however, it was nice to experience a first snow after a 4-year hiatus.

Seeing Sea Gem and our pier covered in dusting of snow was a bit surreal...

First Snow was witnessing the aft cockpit fill with snowflakes...

Aft Cockpit
...and a pile of snow (albeit a small one) accumulate outside the front door:

The snow made for a slippery boarding experience, which as you can see, is problematic--one misstep and we'd be in the ocean.
Front Porch 
Don't worry though--plans are already underway to make sure future snowy days don't pose any problems (more on that later).