Thursday, October 16, 2014

Slip Hopping

After just two months in our new marina, we've already moved slips. When we first arrived, we were docked as transients, which meant the slip we were in wasn't ours indefinitely. Annual contract holders get first dibs on slips, and someone wanted our slip for the winter. So, we moved. We knew this day was coming, but we certainly weren't anticipating it happening so soon or abruptly. The good news is that we're now officially seasonal contract holders, which means Sea Gem can remain in this new slip at least until April of 2015.

Unlike our last move, which covered hundreds of miles, this move was only a few hundred yards. (We literally moved from one end of the pier to the other.) Our new slip comes with a slightly different view, but for the most part, it is the same view as before:

New View
The slips are larger at our new end of the pier, and our neighbors are slightly larger than what we're used to (i.e., they dwarf us).

Wind Protection

Docking next to boats of this size and pedigree (read: multimillion-dollar yachts) is beyond nerve-wracking, but I'm optimistic that the stress of sideling up to these behemoths will be well worth it come winter. I'm hopeful that the tall stature of our new neighbors will result in added protection from the wind--that, or their towering hulls will create a wind tunnel and we'll freeze to death on the first gusty day of winter. Only time will tell...

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  1. Looks like getting in and out might be a little easier, although it's difficult to tell from a few photos. Dad