Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Dark Days of Winter are Upon Us

Well, this didn't take long--I'm freezing! There were a few days last month that bordered freezing (my version of freezing), but now that we're well into September, the ratio of "feeling cold" moments to "feeling warm" moments has shifted and is now drastically skewed toward "feeling cold." And by "cold," of course, I mean freezing. This isn't a good sign, as the temperature is still hovering around 70 degrees.

I can barely get out of bed in the morning. No matter what the actual conditions are outside of the boat, the ambient temperature of my bedroom is always -50 degrees. After the alarm goes off, I dive under the comforter so cold air can't come into contact with my skin (which is drying up and cracking at an alarming rate). Then, from underneath my blanket tent, I begin weighing my need to use the toilet against my desire not to have my bare skin touch cold porcelain. This process takes awhile and is extremely uncomfortable. I'd completely forgotten how harrowing the act of peeing in temperatures under 70 degrees can be. To date, my need to use the toilet has won this morningtime battle, but come October, I may start peeing in the shower in order to avoid the entire situation. (Don't you dare judge me! I can do whatever I want in my shower.) Instead of viewing this as a disgusting act, I'm choosing to embrace it as a Lifehack.

Onto the next topic--the sun. Where is it?? The sun is non-existent in New Jersey. I don't know where it went, but it isn't shining here. There is a certain amount of brightness that exists during the day (I presume from the sun), but it isn't even intense enough to warrant sunglasses. I think Helina might be affected by the weather, too--at least the lack of sunshine. I've noticed she has started covering her head when we're out in public, as though to shield herself from her surroundings:

Her Happy Place
I, too, have been burying my head in the sand (maybe "coping" is a better way of saying it). I simply lock myself within Sea Gem, crank the heat to 83 degrees, and lie to myself that the boat is still docked in Miami (come to think of it, my version of coping might actually be denial). I'm sure this isn't a healthy practice, but it isn't as though I can take a page from Helina's book and stroll around town with my head stuffed under a giant parasol. Despite the possible damage I am doing to my psyche, my delusions are so far getting me through the winter... or the last weeks of summer, as the case may be.

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