Saturday, September 20, 2014

Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me

Many years ago--before ever living in Miami--I remember telling people about my plans to relocate to the Sunshine state, and nearly everyone I spoke with warned me (quite dramatically) about all of the horrifying bugs I would encounter upon stepping foot into Florida (toddler-sized flying cockroaches, ferocious swarms of mosquitoes, etc.).

While I don't doubt that many parts of Florida are infested with all sorts of mutant insects, I didn't witness a whole lot of bug action within the Miami city limits. Yes, there were cockroaches scurrying around town, but they were so big I hardly thought of them as bugs. Mosquitoes were around, too, but their annoyance was limited to the summer months, and even then, they weren't found in numbers greater than anywhere else in the country.

Despite the bad reputation Florida has in the bug department, the insects here are much more of a nuisance. I literally just got a mosquito bite on my face....and another on my shoulder. Although I wouldn't say I am looking forward to the change in seasons, I will confirm (enthusiastically) that I am looking forward to the hoards of mosquitoes dying off when the temperature drops.

The mosquitoes here are certainly annoying, but they are the least of my bug woes. For some reason, fruit flies have been congregating aboard Sea Gem. I find this to be extremely disgusting. Fruit flies were never a problem in Miami, and it isn't as though major changes have taken place in terms of the food kept aboard (I didn't suddenly start stockpiling rotten bananas). The trash is taken out with the same frequency as it was in Miami. The boat is cleaned with the same frequency as it was in Miami. Nothing has changed--yet fruit flies abound. It makes no sense.

Until the source of fruit flies can be found and eliminated (hopefully a biblical plague has not descended upon New Jersey), Google has provided instructions for making homemade fruit fly traps. Basically, you mix soap with cider vinegar, place the concoction in little cups, and leave them all over the place (and you know I'm excited about the prospect of having vinegar-filled cups all over the inside of the boat):


I think it is far more likely that I (or Helina) will accidentally drink this magical brew before a fruit fly meets its fate drowning from within one of our juice cups, but I'm willing to take the risk on the off chance this experiment works.

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  1. That's horrid. You shouldn't have to suffer due to those insect bites. Pest control is most advisable, to corner those types of probelms and make sure they don't grow worse. Let's hope for the best.

    Debra Owen @ Invader Pest Management