Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sailing Conditions - Miami, FL to Morehead City, NC

Our 10-day ocean journey started off on a threatening foot. As we made our way past the city towards the ocean, dark clouds were on our tail. It was a harsh eviction from paradise:
Leaving Miami
The approaching storm was moving faster and the city was soon engulfed in a torrential downpour:
Summer Rain
We narrowly escaped the festivities. Although there was lightning everywhere, the heaviest rain never made its way to our boat (we were also thankful not to be struck by lightning). Our vantage point gave us quite the show however:

Passing Storm
Eventually, the storm passed (we certainly didn't outrun it), the water calmed, and we were able to relax a little bit:
Calmer Waters
For the most part, the weather conditions we encountered during the first part of the trip were fair, and at times, boringly uneventful:

Excitement of the Day - Seeing a Bird
The wind and wave action picked up on the last day of the first leg of the journey and we had a little bit of excitement:

We pounded the waves for 12 straight hours:
Some of us who don't get seasick (me) enjoyed this part of the trip more than other crew members.

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