Sunday, June 15, 2014


The ceiling of our main salon is equipped with two handholds. As the name indicates, these bars are for hands to hold onto. Their intended purpose is to keep you from flying across the room if you are down below during a storm or rough water.

Teak Handholds
We have thankfully never needed them for that purpose (not yet anyway). Instead, we use them for all sorts of other things. When Helina was much younger, we relied on these bars to suspend her baby jumper. Now, Helina utilizes them as her own personal set of monkey bars.

oooh-oooh ahhh-ahhh
Helina points to the handholds, and with a one-word question (Ceiling?!), requests to be hoisted up to the bars. Once in position, she giggles maniacally as she effortlessly pulls herself up. 

Given her innate monkey-like abilities, I have no doubt that Helina will soon find a way to access these bars without our help. 

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