Sunday, June 8, 2014

Biting the Bullet

To date, one of the most satisfying moments in my life was the day I bid farewell to my over-stuffed winter coat. Upon ridding myself of the well-used coat, I happily declared that I would never again own another winter coat because I would never again subject myself to living in a place that experienced winter.

Fast forward to today--I am now the reluctant owner of--not one--but two winter coats.

For weeks, I have been scouring South Florida in search of a proper winter coat only to come up empty handed... until today.

This weekend, I braved the heat and humidity and found two amazingly perfect winter coats at a local vintage store's outdoor annual yard sale.

The first is a floor-length, fur-lined-and-trimmed (hopefully faux fur) leather coat that is so thick it nearly stands up by itself:

Added Warmth
It was $20--that's it!

The second coat reminds me almost exactly of the coat I had before moving to Miami, except it is a different color.

Puffy Coat 2.0 - Vintage Roffe Ski Jacket
It, too, was $20. 

In addition to the coats themselves, the memory of buying them will also play a role in keeping me warm. It was so hot and humid this morning that steam was practically rising from the ground--not exactly ideal conditions for an outdoor shopping session. By 10:00 AM, I was producing so much sweat from my brow that my feet were experiencing showers. It was disgusting and physically uncomfortable, but well worth it for both the deals and the memory. Come winter, if these coats can't keep me warm, at least I'll have a memory of being warm.

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