Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Start Spreading the News...

A new chapter of our life (and blog) is about to begin. We're moving, and not just to a different marina around Miami. On August 2nd (give or take), captain and crew will set sail to New York City (OK, we're moving to Jersey City, NJ, but close enough). Although neither Eric nor I ever intended to leave our tropical-paradise home, an opportunity was offered to us (specifically, an opportunity was offered to Eric), which we simply couldn't pass up. So off to New York (...New Jersey) we go!

Open Ocean
Our upcoming sail will take (optimistically) 2 weeks to complete--much of which will be done on the outside (meaning the open ocean, not the ICW). Preparations are already underway.   

Is hurricane season the best time to sail in the ocean? Not really... Is New York the most ideal place to live on a boat? Not really... Did we spend a whole lot of time thinking this through? Of course not! But we're doing it anyway.

Stay tuned for many more "butwhatabout" posts... it is going to be interesting. 

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