Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mega Yacht Mart

Whenever Eric and I need to make a major boat-related purchase, we head up the road to Fort Lauderdale. Ft. Lauderdale is a mecca for boaters and, as such, is home to just about every type of boating/diving store you can imagine. During our last trip, we discovered a new store that just might be our new favorite--the Mega Yacht Mart!

We weren't clear if Mega Yacht Mart meant a large ("mega"-sized) store for yacht stuff or a regular-sized store for mega-sized yachts, but we ventured in anyway. As it turns out, it is a consignment shop for mega yachts. In general, our boat doesn't have much in common with a mega yacht, which are floating palaces; however, we were still able to find a few items that were perfect for our boat.

Eric spotted a previously owned (but apparently unused) horseshoe flotation ring, which was on our list of things to replace (we lost ours during a rough incident that occurred sailing a few years ago), for less than half of what one costs new. I, too, found a hidden gem--a Missoni Home floor pillow! New, these things retail for several hundreds of dollars, but I found this one for only $75, and it appears unused. Judging from the condition of the pillow, it appears as though mega-yacht owners don't spend a whole lot of time lounging on the floor.

Missoni Home Floor Pillow
We, however, do spend a lot of time on our floor--especially little Helina. As soon as she saw the pillow, she demanded to sit on it. Then, she requested we sit on it next to her. She giggled, then forcefully shoved us off "her pillow," never to let us return.

The floor pillow is Helina's favorite thing in the entire boat--the entire world, maybe. She lounges on it...

Resting Baby
plays on it...

Boat Playroom
...and tumbles on (and over) it:

I know it is just a pillow, but it feels like we now have an extra room (for Helina, anyway).


  1. In today's LA Times Crossword, the clue for 6 down, the answer to which I should have know from your blog, was: Thick-pile rug. Answer: RYA!

    I know nothing about sailboats. A friend, who has an old Hans Christian, was trying to describe it to me, but I couldn't imagine it. I stumbled upon your site a month ago looking for images of and info about it. I was fascinated by the boat selection process you went through.

    But I was so captivated by your wit and aplomb, that I ended up reading nearly every one of your posts. You guys are fabulous. I like your approach to problem solving and your general, practical unflappability.

    In this last post, I noticed the "substitute" Rya is still in use.

    My stepfather, an other-wise sober and conservative guy, in politics, business, friendships and taste, had an vintage shag carpet. A sort of melange of bright and even day-glow orange. Maybe there was something about his two boys being growing teens and twenty somethings back in the 60s and 70s that he reminisced about. Or maybe it was a sort of zen meditation, though he was about as far from being attracted to anything other than rock-ribbed Presbyterianism, with a healthy dose of Lutheranistic guilt piled on top, as a person could get. Anyway, he was charmingly fanatic about raking it, himself, every day with a lightweight plastic "shag" rake. His rug seemed to be about the size of your Rya. And perhaps is was one.

    I was thinking about the poor lost strands you were finding with your current rug grooming methods and tools and thought about that how nicely that shag rake seemed to work, without loss of fibers. Which led to -- well, of course, internet shopping, erm--, research.

    Here is something inexpensive, plastic, flat and small I found that might be the perfect tool for your situation, once you break the Rya back out. Link here:

    If that doesn't work, though, there are other wide toothed plastic rakes that should work pretty well. If the whole rake took up too much space, perhaps you could just remove the handle and use the rake head alone from one that would suit.

    All the best and keep posting.

  2. Also, check out the plastic sand rakes from Target, for dual use, described here:

  3. @ Nighthawk We're so glad you found our blog! Thank you for sharing these tools - I really appreciate it. I had no idea other people had this same challenge.

  4. WARNING!!!
    Mega Yacht Mart (MYM) is a scam! At this point I must say the owner "Stewart Donaldson" is a liar and a WORLD CLASS THIEF! MYM accepted my consignment items and sold them over 6 months ago and they are still using a BS bookkeeping excuse to not pay me. They now say maybe I'll get paid 4 months from now and I bet they will be closed and out of business by then. Upon my investigation this is just what Stewart Donaldson does, i.e. sets up business to burn as many people as possible then abandon the corporation. I know of several other consignors in the Ft. Lauderdale yachting industry with similar and even worse stories. This is not just a PONZI scheme, it's CRIMINAL! I'm moving forward to not only sue Stewart Donaldson but also report this to the Florida State Attorneys office. For others who are getting ripped off by "Stewart Donaldson" you should act now! He owns 3 houses in Ft. Lauderdale and lives at 1208 Tangelo Isle 33315. He also has his own airplane and office at 1811 N.W. 51 ST ... Hanger 42C ... Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309. This is at Ft Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE).

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