Monday, March 24, 2014


One of Sea Gem's most unique features is the aft cockpit (pictures can be found here and here). Like the name implies, this type of cockpit is located at the rear of the boat, which in our case, happens to be directly off the master stateroom. It is the boat equivalent of a balcony.

Recently, I've been feeling as though Eric and I aren't taking full advantage of the relaxing potential that living on a boat affords. So, in that vein, I decided to amp up the aft cockpit's comfort level and create a more usable space to lounge.

I started by buying an outdoor rug:

Loloi Ventura Aqua Rug
Unlike the outdoor rugs I recall from my youth (burlap-like and bland), this one actually looks and feels like a regular (indoor) rug. Will its colors hold up in the brutal Florida sun? Only time will tell. For now, it looks great.

In addition to the rug, I purchased a few more of the outdoor pillows I bought for our main cockpit, along with a matching poof (the cube seen below), which serves as either an ottoman or table. Having a place to properly rest your feet (and place a drink)  is a crucial component to relaxing. The final product is exactly as I had hoped:

Happy Place
Since making these minor upgrades, we've already been using the aft cockpit more than usual, and I anticipate many more mornings, afternoons, and evenings being spent sprawled out back.

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