Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Open Door

Our teak refresh continues to progress. This year, our project involved stripping and varnishing the door to our boat's aft-cockpit. Unlike the rest of our exterior teak, the aft-cockpit's door connects directly to the inside of the boat--specifically, the master stateroom. In order for the door to be sanded and varnished, it first had to be removed from the frame:

Of course, refinishing the door didn't happen over night--it was more like two weeks, and during this time, we didn't have a back door: 

Plywood Placeholder
What we did have was a sheet of plywood and a few drop boards jammed in the doorway, which proved to be ineffective both as a door and also as a barrier to the elements. As you can see, sunlight passed easily through the thin plywood placeholder: 

Let the Sunshine In
What you can't see is how cold (by Miami standards) our room was during this time.

To conceal the fact that a flimsy piece of plywood was the only thing standing in between a potential intruder and our bedroom, we draped a plastic tarp over the doorway. Then, to further secure the situation, we placed one of my potted plants on top of the tarp:

It was genius.

Thankfully, our door has been returned to its proper place--shiny and new:

Newly Varnished Door

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