Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Nighttime Routine

Helina's room contains built-in bunk beds. Voilà:

Quarter Cabin
Despite having two beds at her disposal, Helina sleeps on a fold-out floor bed (a baby futon of sorts). We settled on this transitional "bed" because she was getting too big for her crib, yet was still too small for the bottom bunk.  

The other night, hours after Helina went to bed, I poked my head into her room before heading to bed myself. As I entered the room, Helina, who should have been sleeping peacefully on the floor, was nowhere to be found. Because the room was pitch black, I reached for the light-up turtle normally situated on the top bunk (see above) to shed some light on the situation. Much to my surprise, the turtle was also nowhere to be found. Panicked, I began blindly feeling around the bottom bunk and discovered Helina fast asleep hugging several stuffed animals--including the missing turtle. 

I had some ideas about how she managed to leverage her way into bottom bunk, but I wanted confirmation. So, I asked her how she did it, and she happily demonstrated her feat:

Needless to say, our evening bedtime routine has become much more complicated. In the past, when we told Helina it was time for bed, she'd stop what she was doing, escort herself into her room, plop down on her floor mattress, and announce "night-night" before promptly slamming the door in our face and instantly falling asleep. It was like she was some sort of perfectly programmed baby robot. Now, we spend at least an hour trying to get her to stay in one place--either on the floor or on the bottom bunk. Helina's preference would be to climb between the two until sunrise. Our robot is no more--we now have a full-blown monkey on our hands. 

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