Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Helina's vocabulary has more than doubled in the last few weeks, and our recent sailing trip offered the perfect opportunity for her to add several more boat-specific (and ocean-related) words to her arsenal.

Quite possibly, the funniest thing she now says is "travel lift." What exactly is a travel lift? This:

Travel Lift in Action
I'm sure it was quite impactful for Helina to see her home hoisted from the water by this enormous contraption, so it is of no surprise that she was able to put a name to the machine.

Other words mastered during this trip were: ocean, captain, kite...

Flying High
...hammock, towel, instruments, Hinckley, buoy, marker (as in ocean marker, not magic marker), barometer, dolphin, sunset...

Rodriguez Key
She now even knows our boat's name--Sea Gem--which she pronounces "Sea-sea."

In addition to all of her new boat-themed words, she also, for the first time, said "House." This might seem like somewhat of an outlier, but it isn't when you consider we passed through Stiltsville twice during our journey. As we approached the collection of homes, a look of confusion came across Helina's face. After studying the seascape, however, she began repeating "house," as we passed by each home.

Spotted: Houses!
I have often wondered when Helina would learn the word house, since she has limited experience with non-boat dwellings  (even some of her grandparents appear to live on a boat)--it never occurred to me she'd learn the word while at sea.

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