Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Sailing with Helina used to be extremely challenging (except for when she was a newborn and just slept in her car seat the entire time). Pre-Helina, Eric and I went sailing every two weeks. "Sailing" involved loafing around the cockpit, eating, drinking, drifting in and out of consciousness, and listening to music. It was great. Our recent sailing trips with Helina did not allow us to do any of those things. The lifestyle of a 1-year-old is not compatible with leisure. 

In addition to being the longest sail we've taken in awhile, our recent excursion to the Keys was also our first solo-sail with Helina. Before now, we've always had another person (or people) on board because Helina was such a handful. 

Much to our amazement, Helina did extraordinarily well--especially considering she spent the bulk of the 48-hour journey confined to an area (the cockpit) the size of a minivan. 

Although there were moments when Helina embraced her inner sailor...

Tiny Sailor
Professional Loafer
...the rest of the time, she needed some serious entertainment.

Thankfully (for me), Helina is now 1.5 years old and has the ability to play independently (for short periods of time), so I am no longer constantly forced to play the role of jester in Helina's high-seas court.

To prepare for our time at sea, I bought Helina a bunch of new (small) toys, like this tiny Etch A Sketch, which Helina believes is her own, personal "instrument" (pronounced "em-ten-ent"), as it resembles our boat's navigation instruments (minus the hot pink color):

Sketching at Sea
We brought piggies to life...

They're Alive!
...barked orders at the new recruits...

Captain and Crew
...produced fabulous works of art...

Masterpiece in the Making lost in literature...

Pout-Pout Fish
...and kept a lookout for land (and lobster traps)...

Land ho! 
There were moments when Helina tried our patience (and we hers), but if this trip was any indication of Helina's tolerance for being at sea for extended periods of time, I have a feeling there will be more overnight trips in the future. 

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