Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Welcome Home

When we first moved aboard Sea Gem, there was a "Welcome Aboard" doormat (hatchmat?) on the floor of our cockpit in front of the main hatch. We liked how it looked, but unfortunately, it ended up becoming a bit of a nuisance (or rather, it invited a nuisance to our front door). Our former mat took forever to dry. After it rained, the mat would remain soggy for days. During this time, mosquitoes flocked to our boat's entrance, and multiplied. Since mosquitoes are not welcome aboard, we ended up retiring the worn out mat (and bid bon voyage to our mosquitoes friends).

Recently, however, I found a new welcome mat for Sea Gem:

Kikkerland Anchor Doormat
Unlike our old doormat, the new mat is made of durable PVC coil, which means it is ideal for getting wet:

Welcome Home
So far, no mosquitoes are using it as a breeding ground.

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