Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weighing In

Eric and I haven't owned a bathroom scale since before we moved to Miami. It was one of those things we sold before moving aboard Sea Gem because the scale we had in our townhouse bathroom was big and made of glass--not exactly boat friendly. I distinctly remember stubbing my toe on our old scale every morning, and I have no doubt that, had we brought our old scale aboard Sea Gem, my foot (or feet) would have been severed long ago.

Although we have alternative ways of weighing ourselves on board, the only time Eric and I get an accurate reading (i.e. a number) is when we visit the doctor's office or brave the public and weigh in at the grocery store (yes, we're those people). Well, we no longer have to wait for a check-up or until we're low on milk to know our weight--we bought a bathroom scale, and it is tiny:

Were we in the market for a scale? No. But, when you live on a boat and see something that would be absolutely perfect for a small space, you feel obligated to buy it. The scale is sleek and small, yet despite being made of glass, it has no sharp edges. And just how small is the scale? Freakishly small! It is only slightly larger than our remote control

Taylor Mini Digital Scale
While I am very happy that this scale exists, I can't help but wonder why it exists. Who is the target market for this scale? Certainly not people who live on boats (although I highly recommend it if you do)! On the box, there was a picture of a female putting the scale in her backpack. Was she taking it to school? Work? Out for a night on the town? Can't weighing yourself wait until you get home? I have no idea. What I do know is that I love this little scale, and I have no plans to remove it from our bathroom floor. 

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