Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pump Out

Helina's vocabulary has exploded. She is picking up 2-3 new words each day. At last count, she had mastered 140 words and phrases (yes, I keep a detailed list). Not surprisingly, much of what she says is nautical in nature. Words like fish, oc-ta (octopus), agua, and boat were some of the first that came from her mouth, but lately, Eric and I have noticed a distinct shift in Helina's vocabulary--it's becoming very marina-specific.

Upon returning from work the other day, my parents told me that Helina had been saying "Dock box" and "Pump out" all day.

I find this very amusing.

Even if you're not familiar with marinas, you can probably guess what a dock box is--a box that sits on the dock. These nondescript boxes serve the same purpose that a backyard shed serves for landlubbers. Each slip in our marina has a large, rectangular dock box mounted to the pier in front the boat. Given that we live at the end of a very long pier, Helina sees dozens of dock boxes a day. We also access our dock box on a somewhat regular basis (it is where we store our poop hose!). Given our daughter's daily exposure to dock boxes, it is not surprising that "dock box" has worked its way into her vocabulary.

"Pump out" is in reference to the pump-out boat (aka "honey barge") that circulates through the marina. This boat's main function is to pump out the holding tanks of boats in the marina and mooring field (ew). It also shuttles people back and forth to the boats bobbing around in the mooring field.

Delivery in Progress
Not only does Helina say the word "pump out," she is able to identify the pump out boat from all of the other boats that pass through the marina. When she sees it, she points at it and chants "Pump out. Pump out. Pump out."

I'm quite hopeful that Helina will learn two languages as a result of growing up in Miami--English and Spanish, but it looks like she is also becoming fluent in a third language--boatspeak.

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