Saturday, January 4, 2014

Galley Renovations

We have recently blogged about our ongoing efforts to update our galley, including our new tile backsplash behind the stove and our new freezer.  We still have more work to do over the next month, but we have made enough progress since our last post on the topic to warrant an update.

Although we are happy to have our freezer inside the galley counter where it belongs instead of on the floor in the salon, there are two issues with the placement that need to be addressed.

First, we created a heat problem.  Refrigerators and freezers work by pulling heat from inside the box and putting it somewhere.  Our refrigerator works by pumping the heat out into the ocean through a water pump.  Our freezer works in the same fashion as household fridges and freezers--by blowing the heat into the surrounding air.  Since the freezer essentially sits inside a big box (the galley cabinetry), that area gets very hot.  A higher ambient temperature makes the freezer work harder in order to keep its contents cold, which makes the surrounding air even hotter, and so on.  Our solution was to install an attractive teak vent in the side of the cabinetry to vent the heat generated by the freezer (click here to see a before picture).

Second, the freezer lid doesn't open all the way.  More on that in a future post.

In addition to adding the vent, we also added a louvered door in the side of the cabinetry holding the freezer.  The louvers will further help keep the area cool, but the primary purpose of the door is to hold our garbage can. Previously, we kept our garbage in a custom bag that more or less hung in the middle of the galley.  Now, it is easy to access and out of the way.

New Galley Garbage Storage - Closed
Galley Garbage
Finally, to make use of some of the extra space around the freezer in the cabinetry, we installed one of those over-the-door shoe racks.  We had to cut the length down, but it otherwise fits perfectly and holds and organizes our cleaning supplies, making great use of otherwise empty space.

Unique Cleaner Storage
Overall, we are happy with our upgrades, but we're not done yet.  More to come.

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