Saturday, January 25, 2014

Brightwork in Progress

We are in the process of having our teak refreshed, and stage 1 is complete! Our deck handholds and eyebrow are now painted white and navy, which mirrors our hull's paint job:

Fresh Paint
I'm not going to lie, both Eric and I felt (and still feel) a little guilty about painting over some of our boat's beautiful teak, but in the end, we're both happy with the final result (of course, should the guilt ever become too much to bear, we can always sand off the paint and varnish the wood once again).

In addition to painting a few things, we also had our toe rail touched up (which thankfully didn't involve as many steps or as much time as last year):

Like New, Again
Up next? Our cockpit combing (before pictures can be found here and here):

Ready for Varnish
To be continued...

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