Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tying it Together

When I think of true adults, I think of people whose children's rooms look like this:

Not My Home...
I am not an adult. 

The room I decorated for my child in no way resembles what is pictured above. Helina's room has over 8 dozen colors, many of which clash (harshly, I might add). Other than a generally juvenile feel, there is no real theme to the decor. I attempted to keep her room nautical in nature, but it has morphed into a psychedelic under-the-sea mash-up of octopi, turtles, baby dolls, angles, pirates, and mermaids. 

Despite the lack of cohesion happening in Helina's room, I found something to tie it all together--a rug:

Li Mo Hipster Funky Kids Rug
The quasi paisley print looks a bit like splashing water, which works well with the sea(ish) theme of Helina's room. And, just like the room's interior, the rug's dominant colors of blue and purple are paired with a seemingly senseless mix of other shades that have no business being together.

Somehow, it all works though:

Helina's Quarter Cabin


  1. I love this rug and love this room! It is a room that is bright, happy, comfy and fun!

    So relieved that the adult room is not her room!!!

  2. Thank you, Chris :) I think she has the best room in the boat!