Monday, December 2, 2013

Seeing Clearly

Sea Gem is a raised-deck saloon boat, which means that the salon area of interior is raised (two steps in our case) above the rest of the interior and is surrounded by large windows, as opposed to the small opening ports typically found on sailboats.  The result is a very bright, airy salon.  On the other hand, the larger windows are more likely to be broken by waves (in a really big storm) while at sea, which would severely compromise the safety of the boat.  To address this weakness, Sea Gem's former owners had storm windows made, which bolt on over the windows to provide additional protection in a storm.  (Really, no different than storm shutters on a house.)

When we bought Sea Gem, the storm windows were installed, and we never got around to removing them until just recently.

Removing the Storm Windows
Although the front windows are crazed from the sun and in need of replacement (more on that soon), the side windows are in great condition and allow us, for the first time, to clearly see what is going on outside the boat while we are inside the salon.

Before and After
Our plan for the near future is to replace the clear windows with tinted ones so that we have a little more privacy with the blinds open and to prevent the cabin from turning into a greenhouse in the summer.  Stay tuned...

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