Monday, December 16, 2013


In a previous post, I mentioned that Eric and I rotate Helina's modest collection of toys and books to ensure she always has something "new" at her fingertips.

When Helina was a baby, the majority of her toys were plush, and most all of them were relatively small (or could at least be tucked out of the way). As Helina morphed from baby to toddler, her toys, too, have evolved. Compared to her baby toys (most of which are now off the boat), Helina's toddler toys are much bulkier. This is concerning because our storage space is both fixed and limited. Although Helina's assortment of toys is modest compared to that of her toddler friends, she has more than enough stuff to keep her entertained:

Helina's Current Collection
And where do we store this smorgasbord of bulk? Believe it or not, most everything in the picture above fits (with room to spare) in the same cupboard that housed Helina's baby toys:

A few of her smaller toys reside in a little cupboard that also houses a small portion of Helina's book collection:

Tiny Storage Space
In addition to all of her everyday toys, Helina also has several bath toys. Unfortunately, because Helina bathes in our shower, our master head (bathroom) has become the de facto dumping ground for her bath-time toys:

There are few things I detest more than little kids' toys cluttering up a master bath, but fortunately for us, Helina doesn't have many bath-time toys (which makes sense considering she doesn't really have a bathtub).

I'm not sure what the next iteration of age-appropriate toys will look like (size-wise), but I'm hopeful that we can figure out a way to cram them inside the toy cupboard.  

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