Friday, November 1, 2013


I am forever on the hunt for little upgrades for the boat. And by little upgrades, I mean, teeny, tiny versions of everyday items. My latest find? Mini garbage cans (fyi, the pumpkin (also a mini) is just there as a point of reference...I don't typically keep pumpkins on top of our toilet):

Blomus Pushboy Wastebasket
As you can see, these little cans are comically small, and although they do not have the capacity to serve as our boat's main trash receptacle, their size is sufficient for accommodating our bathroom garbage disposal needs. Even though our bathrooms' former wastebaskets were more compact than most, they were just big enough to get in the way, and as you might imagine, the floor space in our bathroom is limited, so every precious inch counts toward making the room feel spacious.

In the master head (bathroom), the new trash can fits snugly next to the toilet, as opposed to resting on the floor where our old basket once stood: 

Almost Out of Sight
And in the forward head, the new wastebasket resides on top of the counter, directly behind the toilet. 

 Micro mini
These mini cans are somewhat of a novelty, but I have no doubt they'll do a masterful job holding used dental floss and the occasional tissue.

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