Sunday, November 10, 2013

Safe Snoozing

Living on a boat comes with an endless stream of unique challenges. Sometimes, when Eric and I come up with a solution to a problem we're facing, we strike out. What works well in theory fails miserably in reality. Other times, however, we get lucky and find a solution that works exactly as we had hoped--sometimes even better. Helina's new bed is an example of us hitting a home run. 

Conceptually, I thought Helina's floor bed was a good idea, but I had my doubts. I was concerned that Helina wouldn't adjust well to suddenly being left, crib-less, in her room with the door shut. I imagined Helina abusing her new freedom by rummaging through her now accessible dresser drawers, munching on diapers, and causing vast amounts of unimaginable damage. I anticipated tears, screaming, sleepless nights, a cranky baby, cranky parents, and annoyed neighbors.

What I wasn't expecting, was Helina adjusting to her new accommodations almost immediately. In fact, I wouldn't even say that she has adjusted to her new sleeping arrangements--she has fully embraced them and seems genuinely happy about having her own room. At night, when we tell Helina it is time for bed, she ushers herself into her room, shuts the door, then promptly falls asleep.
Now that Helina is no longer caged inside a crib, making sure she remains in her room for the duration of the evening is important. Although the boat is locked at night, we certainly can't have Helina leaving her room and roaming the boat even if escaping from the hatch is impossible. Thankfully, Sea Gem's previous owners had installed a latch on the outside of the door to Helina's room back when their grandchildren used the room as their own (and the door cannot lock from inside the room). With the latch locked, Eric and I sleep soundly knowing that Helina is safe in her room.
The only challenge we now face as the result of the new setup is opening the door. Helina sleeps at ground level, so having a door that opens inward is a bit of a problem, as she is often sleeping directly in the path of the opening door. Solving this problem was easy, however. So that we can check on Helina at night and confirm her location prior to entering her room, we reinstalled her video baby monitor. Now we are able to spy on our daughter whenever we want--even with the door shut.

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