Wednesday, November 27, 2013


We've certainly been absent from our blog lately. We have a good excuse though. Our boat sank. Just kidding. We're still floating. The real reason, sadly, is that our little captain spent the majority of November being quite sick, which means Eric and I spent the majority of November tending to Helina, driving to and from the hospital, being stressed out of our minds, and attempting to stay afloat professionally by working late into the night--all while also being sick ourselves. If it were not for the energizing high we experienced from dosing on large quantities of fear and coffee, I don't know how we would have survived the month.

Hospital Visit #3
As you might have guessed, this 24/7 craziness left us with little time for blogging. Of course, just because we haven't posted recently doesn't mean we haven't been doing anything exciting aboard Sea Gem--we just haven't had much time to document our efforts. The good news is, our little tot is on the mend (Hallelujah!), which means our schedule is returning to normal (if there even is such a thing).

Among other things happening aboard, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and we are once again hosting! Although I know we have the tools and ability to cook a meal of this caliber aboard, I'm concerned that Sea Gem is not interested in cooperating with the planned festivities. Like clockwork, yesterday morning, our water pump broke. Then, a hose came loose in the engine room and flooded the floor with water (thank god for bilge pumps and elevated engines). As chaos was unfolding down below, the port-side A/C unit decided to leak all over the floor in the salon. It was an awesome day. Oh, and did I mention it has been raining for days on end and we're all trapped inside the boat?

Thankfully, we have outsourced turkey production this year, so despite what is or isn't working aboard the boat, we'll still have turkey in our stomachs and a happy Thanksgiving it will be!

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