Sunday, November 17, 2013

Galley Upgrade Take 2

Not long ago, I gave our stove a facelift (more like a chemical peel, really) by swapping out its crusty drip pans with new ones. Generally speaking, I don't do a good job maintaining drip pans (hence the crustiness). I'm more of a glass cooktop kind of gal. Although I excel at Windexing flat services, I fall short when it comes to scrubbing burnt food off of domed aluminum. Thankfully, however, I'm great at replacing things I struggle to clean.

The last time I replaced our drip pans, I bought a cheap aluminum set. They quickly blackened. This time, I splurged and bought black ceramic pans. Eric was skeptical that black pans would look good against our off-white stove, but I figured they couldn't look any worse than the charred set I was replacing. To our surprise, the dark drip pans complement the light stove and our appliance once again looks new (well, not quite, but it does look sanitary, which is a nice change).

Even Newer Drip Pans
The surface of the new pans is shiny, so I'm optimistic that cleaning them won't require a tremendous amount of elbow grease. Worst case, the dark surface will be just perfect for camouflaging cooked-on disgustingness.

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