Sunday, November 3, 2013

A New Life For an Old Dinghy

There are a number of boat-maintenance tasks, such as washing and waxing the hull, that require a dinghy or raft tied next to the boat.  Since we don't have a raft, and setting up and putting away the dinghy takes way too much time to justify, we haven't been able to do these tasks ourselves.  To remedy this, we had been thinking of getting a work float/raft to keep in the water next to Sea Gem.  However, since we have a new dinghy, we decided to to just use our old inflatable dinghy instead. 

This week, we inflated the old dinghy and tied it off in our slip next to Sea Gem.  (A cooler will take the dinghy's former storage space on deck.)

Back from Retirement
And today, we made use of it for maintenance tasks for the first time.  We didn't do much--just scrubbed some streaks off of the hull, but the inflatable was a very comfortable work platform that we'll be making good use of in the near future.

I was also joined in my work by our very young apprentice, who will someday be taking over our hull-scrubbing duties. 

Quick Study

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