Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The World's Best Diaper Bag?

Before Helina arrived, Eric and I drafted a very modest shopping list of baby gear necessities. One item that didn't make the list was a diaper bag. This isn't because we planned to go without one--we just didn't plan on buying a bag that was specifically designed for the purpose of holding diapers. Instead, we used a Volvo Ocean Race backpack we had lying around.

Our backpack worked rather well as a diaper bag, but unfortunately, its strap became quite worn, and it eventually ripped. Thankfully, we were on our way to Home Depot at the time of the incident, so we figured we'd head to Buy Buy Baby afterward and buy a new diaper bag. Sadly, as is often the case, our laziness took over mid-way through our Home Depot shopping trip, and neither one of us felt like driving deeper into the 'burbs in search of a diaper bag. Instead, Eric suggested we try and find a diaper bag at Home Depot.

I know what you're thinking--Home Depot doesn't sell diaper bags. I thought the same thing, too. As it turns out, however, although Home Depot doesn't sell anything that is explicitly marketed as a diaper bag, they do, in fact, sell a bag that happens to be excellent at holding diapers.

I give you, the world's best diaper bag:

Husky 9-inch Lunch Cooler
The "diaper bag" is actually an insulated cooler. A cooler may seem like an odd choice for a diaper bag, but it is actually quite convenient, since a lot of what you tote around in a diaper bag is perishable, like milk. The side pouches are the perfect size for holding baby bottles and sippy cups, and the interior is so large, it can hold an entire pack of diapers, plus food, toys, and other necessities, like the portable changing pad pictured above.

Insulated Interior
The best part about our diaper bag is that it isn't a diaper bag. After we no longer need a diaper bag, we'll simply convert it back to its intended purpose--a cooler. And, at under $20, it is a very good deal, as far as diaper bags go (I have no idea what the going rate is for a cooler of this size). 

The only true downside to the bag is that at our new marina, this particular cooler is popular among people who spend their day working aboard boats. This means that as I make my way down our pier, I freak out thinking that random people have stolen my diaper bag! The other semi-downside to this bag, is that has the word "Husky" boldly printed across the front. I can't help but worry that by producing food for my daughter from within a bag branded "Husky," that I'm inadvertently planting the seed for her to develop some sort of weight complex in the future. I guess only time will tell. 


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