Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Refrigerator is Broken (Again) and Our Freezer is a Refrigerator (For Now)

Our refrigerator died this weekend.  It was the third time in a year.  The first time, almost exactly a year ago, the water pump died.  Fortunately, we had a spare water pump and were up and running again in no time (after figuring out that it was the water pump that was broken).  Repair cost: free.  The second time, the refrigerant leaked out, and we needed to pay someone to come out with fancy refrigerant-sniffing equipment to find and repair the leaks.  Repair cost: too much to say.  This time, the water pump died again (I think).  Unfortunately, we don't have a working spare on hand, so I needed to order one. Even assuming that it arrives and I can get the refrigerator working again (without calling the expensive refrigerant sniffer man) that leaves us with about a week without a working refrigerator.  With a baby on board, that is not a workable situation.

And so I came up with two plans to hold us over for the week until the pump arrives (or longer, if the new pump doesn't fix the problem), neither of which required that we spend any money that we weren't planning on spending anyway.  As it turns out, we were planning on making two food-cooling purchases in the coming months.  First, a big marine cooler to keep on deck.  And so, my first plan was to buy the cooler now rather than later, fill it with ice, and use that as our "refrigerator" until the real refrigerator comes back online.  Second, a freezer to replace our old freezer (that has been disconnected for months).  And so, the second plan was the buy the freezer and set the thermostat to refrigerator temperatures and use that as our "refrigerator" until we get the refrigerator working again.

Krissy's preference, quite reasonably, was plan two, which does not require that anyone go up on deck to grab and return a carton of milk.  My preference?  Whichever one was the better deal.

As it turned out, West Marine had the freezer we wanted at exactly the same price we'd have paid had we comparison shopped online, but they were charging far more for the cooler than the best price I've found.  And so we bought the freezer, an Engel MT45.

The freezer keeps a nice, steady refrigerator temperature in the mid-30s Fahrenheit, and it is whisper quiet.  It also has a very solid feel.  Compared to the competing brands we looked at, the Engel is far more solid.  Since it is top-loading, it isn't as convenient to use as our refrigerator with shelves, but when the time comes, it will be a perfect freezer. 

The one downside to plan two is that, while we already have a place to mount the cooler on the deck, we have not yet prepared the kitchen to accept the freezer (it will eventually be built into the counter).  And so, for the time being, we have to put it wherever it will fit, which happens to be under the navigation/computer desk, currently next to my feet. 

Hide and Freeze
Better than in the middle of the salon, for sure, but not quite as discrete as inside the countertop.

We'll give a more thorough review of the freezer later, but for now, it is doing a great job as a refrigerator.

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