Sunday, October 20, 2013

Knock, Knock...

We recently upgraded the lock that keeps our hatch securely in place so that, in case Helina manages to scale our companionway ladder, she won't be able to let herself out. This week, we added an additional barrier between the interior of our boat and the water--drop boards:

Welcome Home
Before Helina was born, the entryway these boards now cover was completely open. From time-to-time, Eric and I would cover the gap with a blue canvas (the sun cover for the drop boards), which provided us with an illusion of security. Given that we now have a mobile baby on board, the security measures we rely on must be significantly more robust than a mere illusion.

With the drop boards in place, it would be all but impossible for Helina to escape from the cockpit. Helina is still too short in stature to climb the cockpit's seats or scale the cockpit's walls, and now, her only mode of egress has been complete obstructed.

These boards may not look like much, but each one is solid teak and extremely heavy. Helina simply doesn't have the upper body strength, dexterity, or coordination to remove them from their track (not yet anyway).

For now, Helina now has a fully enclosed, outdoor playpen, and we have a nice new door.

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