Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Last September, Helina began sleeping in a crib in her own room. Just before her 1st birthday, we bought a safety rail for the built-in bottom bunk in her room because we figured she'd be transitioning out of her crib in the coming months.

Well, a couple of months have passed since then and, as predicted, Helina has officially outgrown her crib:

Where's Glow Worm?
Unfortunately, Helina is still a bit too little to be trusted to sleep alone in her room's bottom bunk. Safety rail or not, Helina has the will and the ability to crawl out of her bed and tumble head first onto the hard wood floor.

As I contemplated the options for keeping Helina from falling out of her bed, it occurred to me that perhaps I was approaching the problem from the wrong perspective. Instead of trying to find something to prevent an inevitable fall, I decided that a better option might be to simply eliminate the bed altogether, since that was the source of the problem in the first place. After switching mental gears, I began searching the Internet for "toddler floor mattresses," which eventually resulted in the discovery of the German Wohnling kinderbettmatratze!

Wohnling Kinderbettmatratze
Although it does not seem to be the case in the United States, in Germany, it is apparently perfectly acceptable for small children to sleep on the floor. And why not? They are likely to end up on the floor anyway.

The Wohnling floor mattress is soft, comfortable, and appears durable (enough). It folds compactly, and Helina enjoys using it as a chair when it's not being used as a bed.

Off-duty Kinderbettmatratze
Once Helina finally does make the transition into her bed, we can still use the floor mattress as extra padding on the floor, just in case Helina ever does fall out of bed.

Unfortunately, since this bed is from Europe, its size is not compatible with sheets made for U.S. toddler beds. So, we got a sheet from England, which came courtesy of Royal Mail.

Royal Baby
Having a toddler bed and linens shipped in from Europe seems very extravagant, but the truth is, nothing we ordered is very fancy (we found everything on Amazon). And, at the end of the day, our daughter is sleeping on the floor, and there is certainly nothing fancy about that.

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  1. Many people use air mattresses which means they're "sleeping on the floor"