Saturday, October 5, 2013

Comfy Place

I've been on the hunt for outdoor pillows for quite awhile (2 years), but I've had difficulty finding anything that I liked. Indoor pillows, it seems, come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics, and styles, but outdoor pillows only appear to come in one of two styles: boring or obnoxious, and one of two abrasive fabrics: plastic or burlap. On rare occasions, I have stumbled upon stylish outdoor pillows made of fabric that wouldn't exfoliate the top layer of my skin, but the price tags of these gems typically raged between $200-$500 a pillow, and I simply can't justify that type of expenditure on something that is bound for mildewdome. 

Recently, however, I found an all-weather pillow that I actually liked that didn't cost a small fortune!

Ikat Outdoor Pillow
So I bought a few for the main cockpit:

Comfy Place
During this time of year in particular, we spend a significant amount of time in the main cockpit relaxing, eating, playing, and napping (although I doubt we'll be doing much napping in the cockpit now that Helina has turned into a monkey).

The pillows are a nice little addition that make the cockpit feel a little more home-like and a lot more comfortable.

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