Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An Even Comfier Place

I recently wrote about a minor cosmetic upgrade that we made to our cockpit--the addition of outdoor throw pillows. Originally, I intended to purchase a total of 6 outdoor pillows for the main cockpit, but I resisted temptation because I didn't think Eric would be thrilled at the sight of a half-dozen decorative throw pillows strewn about the cockpit. While my ideal room/cockpit resembles this...
I Dream of Pillows
...I can appreciate that Eric does not share this same vision.

On the day our new outdoor pillows arrived, the weather was perfect and the water was calm (which is pretty much the case every day). It was a Friday, so we ordered a pizza (yup, we get delivery) and ate it while lounging in the cockpit. I don't know if it was the gluten or the wine, but toward the end of the evening, Eric turned to me and said, "I really like these pillows. We should get more." And so we did.

Throw Pillows, Take Two
We now have a grand total of 6 all-weather pillows in the main cockpit. I'm tempted to buy a pair (or pairs) of matching pillows for the aft-cockpit, but given the luck we've had retaining our aft-cockpit cushions and accessories, I think I'll hold off for the time being.

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