Tuesday, September 24, 2013


A few weeks ago, we discovered that the wood floor in front of our ice maker appeared to be saturated with water; however, we were unable to identify any leaks that would have resulted in the damage. We assumed the mystery spot had something to do with the ice maker, but we couldn't find the connection between the two.

Since discovering the mystery spot, I monitored it on a daily basis. Within about a week, it appeared to have reduced (slightly) in size. After about two weeks, it became apparent that the wood was drying, so I was hopeful the spot would eventually disappear--which it did just a few days ago. 

So what caused the spot to appear in the first place? We still aren't 100% sure, but our best guess is that condensation from our port side air conditioner caused the damage to the floor. We didn't originally suspect the air conditioner was to blame because, although it is in the same vicinity as where we found the spot, it was located far enough away that it avoided suspicion. And since we had not previously had any problems with water accumulating by that particular air conditioner, we (mistakenly) turned our focus to the next obvious culprit--the ice maker. However, a week or so after the mystery spot first appeared, we noticed a pool of water on the floor that we traced back to the air conditioner (which we had been running much more than usual, and combined with the incredibly humid weather we were having at the time, apparently produced more condensation than the drain could handle). 

Mystery solved.

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