Saturday, September 7, 2013


Back when Eric and I were in the early stages of boat shopping, we placed a Sunward 48 on our list of possible contenders. The specific Sunward we were considering had a beautiful (and unique) custom interior, which included a steam sauna, complete with 2 shower heads. There were many reasons why we ultimately ruled out the Sunward as a finalist, but its indulgent steam shower kept it on our shortlist for a very long time.

99.99% of the time, I never think about other boats, but every now and then, I find myself daydreaming about the luxurious steam shower aboard the Sunward and wonder how we might cram one into our boat.

Well, we recently made some changes to the shower in our master head (bathroom), and although the end result doesn't rival the steam sauna found aboard the Sunward, it is keeping us happy (and clean).

Our old shower head was a bit puny. As you can see, the nozzle was only about the size of a quarter. And, adding to its non-luxuriousness, the rim was also cracked (which I must admit, I didn't notice until looking closely at the photo below). Also, there is a hair tie wrapped around the head:

Old Shower Head
Despite its shortcomings, our old shower head was sufficient when it came to doing its job. That being said, the other day when we were purusing an interior design showroom (looking at chandeliers), we took a look at the shower heads and, simultaneously, both Eric and I thought it might be time for an upgrade. Of course, we didn't buy a shower head from the design room, we went to a big box hardware store and bought a much less expensive option:  

Our new shower head is a substantial improvement over the old one. The face is the size of an orange. And I'm not talking about a run-if-the-mill organic orange. I'm talking about a non-organic, genetically engineered, fluorescent, jumbotron orange. Also, it has multiple settings (although, does anyone actually use those?). 

In addition to switching out the shower head, we also upgraded a few other key pieces of hardware that I've been wanting to get rid of since moving aboard--the toilet paper holder and towel ring. We have a few more upgrades in mind for the coming year, which will really make the bathroom feel like new. More on that later (probably much later).

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