Sunday, September 29, 2013

Did Someone Say Boat?

Actual, real words are starting to emerge from Helina's tiny, tooth-filled mouth. "Di-da" and "ma-ma" made their debut early on, but now, Helina's vocabulary has expanded to include other words, and not surprisingly, many of them relate to the sea. 

To date, Helina's water-themed words are: oc-ta (octopus), wa-wus (walrus), duck (pronounced 'uck), and agua (which is also her first Spanish word!).

She has a few other non-agua-related words, but not many.

I have been trying to getting Helina to say "boat" for quite some time, and now that our walk from the boat to our cars is much longer than it used to be, the opportunity to practice saying the word has greatly increased. Every morning, as we make our way down the pier, I whisper the word "boat" softly into Helina's ear as we pass by the many powerboats, fishing boats, and sailboats. It isn't great conversation, but my repetitiveness may have paid off. The other day, as we began our journey toward the car, Helina looked out across the water and confidently said, "boa-a." I replied, "boat?" Helina whispered back, "boa-a." We repeated this exchange a few times until I was 76% confident she was saying boat. Then we discussed the weather.

So there you have it. I am officially confirming "boat" as Helina's 8th word. Sort of.

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