Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Poop Hose

We've written about the joys of marine toilets and sanitation systems more than a couple times.  But the topic never seems to grow old, so here's one more.

Probably the biggest difference between a toilet on a boat and a toilet in a house is that, on a boat, you need to think about the toilet all the time.  Is the tank getting full?  Are the valves leakingDid that flush sound right?  You absolutely can't take anything for granted with a marine toilet.  And, unlike a house, where after you flush the toilet, you never have to worry about its contents, on a boat, you carry the contents around in a big tank, waiting until there is an opportunity (or dire need) to empty the tank.

At our old marina, when the time came, we would need to go sailing a few miles offshore, where it is legal to dump our tank of former toilet contents.  Since going sailing is a production, the procedure was overall more than a little inconvenient.

At our new marina, however, we have a pumpout facility right on our finger pier, next to the boat.  We can connect a hose to our boat, push a button, and--whoosh!--a giant vacuum sucks everything out of the tank and sends it to the sewer system where it belongs.

The Whoosh in Progress
The "whoosh" is actually more like a continuous whoosh for ten minutes than a single, toilet-flush-type whoosh, but it is in any case far more convenient than sailing three miles offshore.

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