Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Long Haul

At our old marina, the walk from our boat's hatch to our car's door was extremely short. Our new marina is much bigger than our old marina, and as a result, the piers are significantly longer than what we're used to. In fact, I'd say our new pier is more than double the length of our old one, and unlike at our previous marina, we're docked at the far end of the pier. Needless to say, the walk to and from our cars is quite the trek:

The Road is Long
In general, we're not bothered by a little stroll, but we anticipate "the commute" to and from our boat will be a bit burdensome with a baby in tow.

Thankfully, the marina has dock carts for us to use to help us haul large things (and people) back and forth between our boat and our cars:

Baby Carriage
For smaller items, like groceries (and the occasional baby), we purchased a collapsible cart that can easily be stored in the trunk of our cars or on-board the boat:

Collapsible Aluminum Shopping Cart 
Even better--the liner of the cart is removable, which makes transporting its contents onto the boat easy:

Cart Liner
Don't worry though, we don't use this same method to transport Helina aboard.

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