Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Settling In

It's official--we no longer live on the beach. As Eric mentioned in a previous post, although this move was longer than our last (both in time and distance), it was just as easy as the first time. We're now docked at our new marina, just south of downtown Miami:

Sea Gem's New Home
Although we're actually closer to downtown than we were before (can you see the skyline below?), our new location doesn't feel nearly as urban as our former South Beach neighborhood.

View of Downtown
Just like the last time we moved, our home has remained the same, but the sensation that we're in a different place is overwhelming. After returning from work today, both Eric and I commented on how much it felt like we were on vacation. The neighborhood is more laid back, the drivers seem friendlier--even the water is calmer.

Our view has improved as well! From our aft-cockpit, we have a view of a small island and a mooring field full of sailboats:

Peaceful View
And the sunsets aren't too shabby either:

Evening Sky

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