Monday, August 26, 2013


Our boat has two flood lights situated high above our deck on each one of our masts. Not long ago, the light on our main mast burned out and we had to climb the mast in order to change the bulb. This may sound like a simple (albeit inconvenient) chore, but it wasn't. It took us multiple trips up the mast before both deck lights were once again shining brightly.

During the drawn out process of changing the bulb on our main mast, a question lingered in the back of our minds: When would the other mast light bulb need replacing?

Well, the day both Eric and I knew would eventually arrive is upon us--we need to go back up the mast to change a light bulb (notice the lack of light on the back mast):

The Brightest Bulb
Thankfully, our mizzen mast isn't quite as high as our main mast, which means we won't need to climb nearly as high as last time in order to reach the burnt out bulb (and hopefully won't need to climb as many times):

The Mizzen Mast
So how many sailors does it take to change a light bulb? I have no idea. Last time it took two sailors (and numerous spectators) over the course of a month, so anything is possible. We'll keep you posted. 

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