Thursday, August 29, 2013

Change in Status

After two years of living aboard Sea Gem, our living situation has officially changed.  We are now officially liveaboards.  It's a nice feeling.

As a practical matter, nothing has really changed.  We were living on Sea Gem before, and we are living on Sea Gem now.  But our official, legal status now reflects that fact.

Our old marina, like many marinas, permits people to stay on their boat, but does not permit the boat to be their official residence.  Some marinas have a certain time limitation, such as a maximum of 20 days per month, 6 months per year, etc., that you can stay on the boat, others have no time limitation, and still others have time limitations that they don't enforce.  At our old marina, we we permitted to stay on Sea Gem, but as "crew" - not as residents.  For the most part, the distinction is just a formality, but it is an issue when it comes time to enroll Helina in school, vote, etc.

Our new marina does permit liveaboards, but only a limited number.  For the past two years, long before we moved to the new marina, we've been on the liveaboard waiting list.  When we moved here earlier this month, we were still on the list (and thus still lowly "crew," I suppose).

We knew that there was a chance we could be on the waiting list for another two years (or longer--when we first signed up for the waiting list, we were told we would "never" get a slip), so we were surprised (and elated) when we found out that we were elevated to full liveaboard status after only three weeks.  So, effective September 1, we are liveaboards!

At our new marina, the change in status is actually more than a formality.  Our rent is reduced substantially, and we get some exciting new benefits that we'll explain in a future post (or more).

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