Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bubble Girl

We're in the midst of rainy season in Miami, which means an abundance of beautiful sunsets and, well, rain. Now that our walk from boat to car is much longer than it used to be, there is a greater chance of getting caught in a storm. At our old marina, unexpected downpours weren't a big deal. Since we didn't have far to go, we'd simply wait for a clearing in the rain and then make a run for it. Now, we must either wait for the storm to pass completely or bare the elements and get a little (or a lot) wet.

To make boarding in slippery conditions a bit safer and the walk down our dock a bit easier, I got a clear umbrella:

Clear View
It has a massive span--52 inches in diameter, which means I am able to keep both me and Helina dry (Eric, too, I suppose), while still being able to see everything that is in front of me:

Clear View
The material of this umbrella is much different than our other umbrellas. The canopy is a thin plastic sheet, as opposed to a durable woven fabric. I'm not sure how it will fare in serious winds, but it held up just fine in the heavy rain I experienced today.

Although most docks are wide enough that a misstep won't leave you treading water, I've never liked walking down them with a traditional umbrella (Am I going to run into someone?). Having full visibility is a nice change of pace--especially when hopping on and off the boat. 

I still searching for a full-body, clear umbrella, but for the time being, this one will do. 

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