Sunday, August 4, 2013

Books and Nooks

Before moving aboard Sea Gem, Eric and I got rid of nearly all of our books. We now use Kindles for the majority of our reading.

In some ways, Eric and I over prepared for our move from land to sea, and I'd say that getting rid of our massive book collection was one such way. This isn't to suggest that we're upset by our decision (we're not)--it's just that Sea Gem has more book storage space than we anticipated (although not enough that we could have kept all of our books).

Eric and I keep the majority of our current modest book collection above our navigation station (we keep two smaller collections in both the aft and forward staterooms):

The Office
While Eric and I were more than happy to give up the experience of reading from traditional, bound books in order to enjoy the space-saving advantage of Kindles, we weren't willing to deprive Helina of the joy of reading from an actual book.

Helina's room has a small bookshelf, which is filled with her very own collection of tiny favorites:

Helina's Recommendations
Obviously, the bookshelf in her room has limited space, but thankfully Sea Gem has other spots for books. Helina's smaller books are stored on the top shelves of a small cubby located next to our ice-maker (the bottom shelves hold our hammock):

Book Nook
Unlike the bookshelf in her room, Helina can directly access the books in this cubby whenever she wants (which isn't always a good thing):

Little Reader
The remainder of Helina's books are stored in the cabinet that houses her toys (there is a surprising amount of space within the toy storage cabinet) or hidden in random spots throughout the boat.

So, despite our best efforts, plenty of books have made their way aboard the boat. To maintain balance, we'll rotate many of Helina's current collection off of the boat as new, age-appropriate books make their way aboard, and eventually we'll wean her off of real books and get her hooked on a Kindle (or whatever they have by the time she's ready for one). But don't worry, our new marina is just steps away from a library, so Helina (and Eric and I) will never be too far from actual books, should we ever want one.

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