Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We're Moving! (Again)

Earlier this year, we moved from one pier to another in our marina. Our new "home" is maybe 100 yards away from our old one.  Why the move?  There were a few reasons, as we explained in an earlier post, but the main reason was that we wanted new neighbors.  And, of course, because it was easy to do.  From start to finish, our move required maybe 20 minutes, highlighting an advantage of living on a boat: a move is nothing more than going for a sail and returning to a different place.  No packing, no stress, no decorating, etc., etc.

And so we are doing it again.  This time, our move won't be measured in yards, but in miles.  We are leaving Miami Beach and heading to the mainland (Miami).  Why?  Unlike our last move, which was motivated in part by wanting a bigger slip and more protection from the wind, our new move is not motivated by boat-related reasons, but rather family reasons.  We love our marina, but we want to live in a different neighborhood.

Now that Helina is the focus of our lives, proximity to bars and fine dining, which is unparalleled at our current location, is no longer an important criterion.  Rather, we are more concerned about pedestrian safety, available babysitters, and restaurants that don't mind screaming babies.  Really, we are moving for many of the same reasons many landlubber couples move after they have a baby (minus wanting more space, as Sea Gem is not getting any bigger).

Our move will be a lot easier than most couples', though.  Including juggling cars (unless you have a better idea, we'll need to both drive to the new marina, leave car A there, drive car B back to our current marina, and then drive car A back to pick up car B after moving Sea Gem to the new marina), we should be done in a few hours.  We probably won't move for about a month, but we did check out our new slip last weekend when we made the decision:

New Splashing Ground
Looks nice, doesn't it?