Saturday, July 13, 2013


Helina is getting big! I remember the first night we put her in her crib to sleep (she had previously been sleeping in our room). She was so tiny and the crib seemed so large--it looked ridiculous for her to be sleeping in something so big. Well, we're now at the other end of the ridiculous spectrum:

The Dreamer
Helina now consumes a good portion of the available space in her crib. She is still able to move freely and sleep comfortably, but clearly she is nearing the maximum size for the dimensions of the crib.

Preparations are underway for our baby's transition from crib to bed. We recently installed a guard rail on the bottom bunk:

Ready for Sleep
And although Helina is not yet ready to actually sleep in her bed, we are getting her familiar with the space:

So far, she likes it. Actually, she likes it a little too much:

As soon as we placed Helina on her bed, she immediately discovered she was able to access all of the things sitting on top of the shelf in her room (which is the encasement of our washer/dryer) and dump everything in her crib. Here she is having a grand ol' time with her laundry bin:

Where's the Baby?
 And here she is moments before tossing her baby monitor into her crib:

From the other end of her bed, she is able to access her changing station, and cause similar destruction.

So, it is going to be a little while before we trust Helina in her bed by herself. Hopefully she'll learn her limits before she becomes too large for her current accommodations. 

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