Monday, July 1, 2013


Helicopters hovering in the skies above Miami are a common sight. I feel like I see (or hear) at least one in the air a few times a week. Not long ago, during our recent Memorial Day sail, the soothing sound of waves sloshing against the side of the boat was disrupted by the unmistakable beat of an approaching helicopter. However, instead of passing us by, the helicopter appeared to be circling Sea Gem. And, upon closer inspection, we noticed that someone aboard the helicopter was snapping photos of our boat! Then, we noticed that there was a website address printed on the side of the aircraft: It didn't take a genius to understand what was happening. Clearly, this helicopter patrols the waters of South Florida, photographs boats, and then sells them online. What a great business! I always assumed that our boat neighbors who had photos of their boat had hired a helicopter to photograph their vessel (something that isn't on our list of priorities).

Just like the drill with school pictures, BOATPIX sends you a selection of photos and you keep (and pay for) only the photos you want and return the ones you don't want.

The other day, our pictures arrived in the mail (actually, they arrived several days earlier, but due to a delivery mix-up, it took a few extra days to locate them). We had three images to choose from:

Tough Choice
All of the images of our boat were beautiful (BOATPIX even Photoshoped out one of our bumpers, which we had accidentally left dangling over the side of our boat). Selecting just one pictures was difficult, however, since the price to purchase all three was steep for us, we were motivated to narrow it down to just one.

We were finally able to settle on one of the images, and our selection now hangs in Eric's office (or rather, it will once Eric gets around to framing it). Sadly, I'll have to wait until our next run-in with the paparazzi before my office walls are graced with a shot of Sea Gem in action.


  1. A true sailor would call "bumpers" fenders. I, though, always call them bumpers!

  2. I clomp all over our deck in high heels. I am a far cry from being the "true sailor" of which you speak.